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We are super PUMPED to bring to you the best coaching team comprised of adaptive athletes who KILL IT in mainstreamed sport in the WORLD! This is where you can discover an expert who has trained and competed in one of at least 26 school sanctioned sports. Sure, and thankfully, there are more and more athletes with limb-differences visible out in main-streamed media than ever before. But what makes our coaching team so special is the heart each of them has to serve youth with limb-differences. Do they want to make the way easier? Not necessarily. Each of them will tell you, tough times, made them tough & confident athletes and courageous adults. What they do however, is without a doubt offer up a connection to each youth athlete they serve as mentors.  Having a mentor that looks like you is AWESOME. Having a mentor willing to journey with you through sport and life is POWERFUL. Our coaches are well-vetted, good people who are volunteers of our organization. We provide them with travel, meals, lodging and some pretty cool NubSwag when they REPRESENT.

Lessons learned through sports last longer than nine innings, four quarters, 18 holes or any other measure of time in the athletic arena; they last a lifetime. At NubAbility Athletics Foundation, our coaches encourage COURAGE through SPORT and in LIFE! We inspire, instruct and motivate kids with limb differences to compete on the mainstreamed playing field in school sanctioned sports. We know how. We’ve been that athlete that has played the best with less and WON. With the right attitude and training, young athletes with visible limb-differences can compete against their able-bodied peers and succeed. At our #dontneed2 Camps and Clinics we go hard, we get dirty and we do WORK! The magic of being mentored by someone that looks like you just happens.  The self-confidence, spirit of teamwork and determination #dontneed2 camp kids develop on the court or the field will carry over with them into life, long after their playing days are over.

Private Coaching

If you have a child in need of coaching and mentoring during the off-season, contact us at, and we will connect you with a member of our coaching staff. Travel, meals and lodging and private coaching fees can be discussed upon inquire.

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We are always recruiting for our coaching pool. If you are or know of an accomplished limb-different athlete age 17 or older who would be interested in joining our coaching roster, please have THE ATHLETE email and tell him their story in sport.

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