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After people doubting his abilities, nearly dying, founding a non profit that serves kids with limb-differences (like him) from all over the globe, that play the best with less…Sam’s talking! 

“I will not let your perception of my limits, limit my determination to crush your pity and replace it with your respect for my ability to compete.” Sam Kuhnert

sam-baby-baseballLooking back on the 24 years of life Sam Kuhnert has been on this earth, one can see how many pivotal moments there have been to set him up to do what he does best, MOTIVATE and ENCOURAGE others to live an empowered life without the limitations others may place on it.

Sam’s Belief:14495479_977722075671000_3094649571287290535_n

Due to those experiences, 
Sam Kuhnert operates on the belief that God ordains all life and all life is created to be perfectly purposed in unique beauty and wonder from the inside out. Like all stories, Sam’s has a beginning.

Sam’s Story:

It is said that Sam Kuhnert, was born with a ball in his only hand. Round, rosy and robust, Sam entered the world in 1992 born to Todd and Jana Kaye
Kuhnert, in rural Southern Illinois. The second of three boys, Sam’s older brother Charlie and younger brother Tucker played pivotal roles in his life and continue to be his best friends today. Sam’s birth was not expected to be anything other than normal. As sometimes happens, unexpected circumstances were born with Sam that day. Sam’s mom and dad were unable to count ten fingers and toes. He entered the world 5 points down….or so some thought….

sam-high-school-pitchConcerns or doubts about the potential physical ability of Sam soon set in with many, even his own sam-sign-with-gvfather. Upon visiting a hand specialist, Sam’s dad asked the doctor how he could teach his son with one hand how to play various sports and overcome daily tasks that would become obstacles. Dr. Shecker, of Louisville, KY, was nationally noted and respected as
having worked with thousands of limb-different children. Without hesitation Dr. Shecker responded, “he will show you.” And, “show them” he has.

At the young age of nine-months Kuhnert nearly gave his parents a heart attack when he scaled their 15-foot T.V. antenna without any assistance from or knowledge of others. That was just the beginning. The beginning of many examples where Sam not only rose to the challenge of something that was doubted he could do, but where he conquered with the heart of a champion those obstacles. As he grew, he would need that heart not only in sport, but also in life.