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Barbie Thomas

“I believe God has a plan for me, and I am honored to inspire others with my story at camp. Being told “no” and “can’t” have been the biggest motivators for me in my personal and professional life. Nothing is impossible!”

About Barbie

Limb Difference: Traumatic

Type: Bilateral (Missing both arms)

Sport: Strength Training, Cheer + Tumbling, Dance

At age 2, Barbie had been climbing a transformer near home when she was accidentally electrocuted after grabbing onto the wires while climbing. Electricity entered through both of her hands, traveled through my her entire body, and exited through both of her legs. As a result, both arms were burned to the bone (resulting in an amputation) and left burns/scars on both legs.

It is a miracle that Barbie survived the incident. Doctors were convinced she would live her life in a vegetative state, however, she made a full recovery after extensive physical and occupational therapy. Adapting to a world without arms was a challenge, but today she can do almost everything a person with two arms can do, including driving, cooking and writing emails.

Barbie currently lives in Arizona and is the proud mother of two boys. She enjoys dancing, swimming, and bodybuilding to stay active. [FitnessUnarmed.com]

Competition Highlights:

● 2014 NPC Jr. USA – N. Charleston, SC – 6th Place

● 2013 IFBB North American Championships – 5th Place

● 2013 NPC Jr. Nationals – Chicago, IL – 6th Place

● 2009 West Texas Classic – Lubbuck, TX – 1st Place

● 2004 John Sherman Classic – Houston, TX – 1st in Tall

● 2004 Wild Wild West Natural Ms. Fitness – NV – 1st

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