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Harry Williams

“NubAbility changed my attitude towards life. Volunteering as a Coach is one of the best things I get to do, and I look forward to connecting with the parents and campers at Summer Camp all year long.”

About Harry

Limb Difference: Congenital

Type: Radial Club Hand (known as Vacterl Syndrome)

Sport: Wrestling, Grappling

Harry was born on January 24, 1995, which was five weeks earlier than expected, missing the left wrist bone in his right hand, causing his hand to turn inwards. Along with the missing wrist bone, Harry also had the thumb on his right hand amputated at a very young age due to lack of bones, something that is common with his condition.

Harry was also born with a rare neck condition called Klippel-Feil Syndrome, where six of his eight neck discs are fused together; leaving only two to work sufficiently.

Throughout his life, Harry has continued to pursue his passion for boxing and MMA, which he learned about under the guidance of his father who was a professional MMA Coach.

In addition to training, he also runs DisabilityIsAbility, which was created to share his story and to raise awareness about the limb different community.

Sports + Highlights:

Featured athlete profile by Channel 4 (click to watch)

Coach Harry’s latest boxing match (click to watch)


● “Manchester United is the best team in the world!” – Coach Harry


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