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Sam Kuhnert is a certified pro at adapting, especially when it comes to connecting and empowering a wide variety of audiences on a corporate, business, educational level during his nationwide speaking events.

  • 100% of Sam Kuhnert’s Keynote Speaker fees are remitted to the NubAbility Athletics Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit that serves youth with limb differences.
  • By Booking Sam, you are giving back to charity!

Notable Honors

2018 NYAA Community Activist Award Winner
2017 Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award
2017 National Youth Activist Award Winner
2016 Outstanding Young Person of Illinois
2015 Du Quoin Citizen of the Year

Sam Kuhnert Keynote Speaker Programs

Sam Kuhnert is a certified pro at adapting, especially when it comes to connecting and  empowering a wide variety of audiences on a corporate, business, educational level during his speaking events, which are held around the country.

Need a speaker? Book Sam:


For Businesses & Corporate Audiences: "Play Till The Whistle"

Inspiring and motivating employees to make the extra effort in the workplace.

  • Encourages loyalty, team work and strengthens communication
  • Offers tips on how your team can adapt in the workplace
  • Creates a culture of encouragement, kindness and ACTION


For Schools: #BullyProof Program

Option 1: “Be a Game Changer in School and in Life” A motivational talk based on Sam’s experiences in school overcoming adversity in sport and life as a congenital amputee. Students of all ages:

  • Encourage others to become #BullyProof
  • Are exposed to adaptive athletic skills
  • Become aware that all differences are not visible
  • Are empowered to “own” their individual differences and gifts
  • Motivated to encourage others
  • Develop an appreciation for physical diversity
  • Learn how to present themselves to others with confidence

Option 2: #BullyProof P.E.® Immersion Program… Sam participates in P.E. classes in a school setting. After a brief introduction by the P.E.Instructor, he immerses himself in the action during class. Sam then takes the last 10 minutes of each class to give a brief motivational talk and answers questions. Students:

  • Are exposed to adaptive athletic skills.
  • Become aware that all differences are not visible.
  • Are empowered to “own” their differences


For Churches & Faith Based Audiences: "Rise Up" From Adversity

Sam shares his powerful, personal testimony to bolster and empower others to “Rise Up”  in victory with the redemptive love and grace of Jesus Christ.

  • How selfish pride made him lose his way and turned him away from his faith
  • How a near death experience helped him find his way
  • Demonstrates of how all are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”


For Sports Teams & Coaches: "No Excuses; I Came To Win"

Interactive talk that develops team dynamics and mental toughness.

  • Explores what prevents athletes & teams from “Going for Gold.”
  • Addresses bullying within sport and how to develop an “Unbreakable” spirit by a incorporating bully proof strategies

Client Testimonials

Over the past 5 years, Sam has traveled across the country to spread his story to a wide variety of audiences.

Sam is a truly gifted speaker.  His purpose is clear, message is authentic and delivery is heartfelt. I have been a business leader for many years and would not hesitate to recommend Sam to speak at any corporate or community function. I would encourage any organization to engage his talent.”   

MaryBeth Gustitus

CEO, Keller Williams Realty, Nashua

My students loved the #BullyProof 3-strike strategy!  Sam was clear with his presentation and definitely engaged the students! My favorite thing about Sam’s presentation was his authenticity.” 

Lea Anne Templeton

8th Grade Teacher, Duquoin Middle School

“The entire school community was buzzing after Sam delivered his energetic #BullyProof presentation. Students and teachers alike really appreciated Sam’s passion and energy while addressing such a hot button topic such as bullying.”   

Bradley A. Heuring

Principal, Herrin Junior High School

I highly recommend you invite Sam to your school to share his life story and to challenge your students with his #BullyProof program. Sam recently spent the day with us at Summit Christian Academy. He has a message that every student, parent, and teacher needs to hear.

Charissa Sanders

Vice Principal , Summit Christian Academy

Sam's Speaker One Sheet

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100% of speaking fees are remitted to the NubAbility Athletics Foundation

You are being a game changer by booking Sam!



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