The ability to do physically whatever you put your mind to, even if you have to attempt it a thousand times, you discover that there is no limit to the ability of a NUB! NUBZ ROCK!!!!!
2014 All Sport Summer Camp For Kids With Limb-differences July 18-20 DuQuoin High School, DuQuoin, IL

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Because God Said I Didn’t Need Another Hand

Coach SamWelcome, to the official site of NubAbility Athletics. I am Sam Kuhnert and I am the founder of the NubAbility Athletics Foundation. I wasn’t born with an “extra” hand, so I only have a right one. I have found competitive athletics an area in life where I can match or beat the hard work, determination and perseverance of other two handed athletes. Growing up, sports has been a journey that has allowed me to be just one of the guys. As a young 20 something, I have come to appreciate the opportunity I have had living life through sports, learning some of life’s toughest lessons and joyful moments.

The purpose of NubAbility Athletics is to encourage, inspire, and instruct congenital and traumatic amputee kids who want to get out of the stands, off the bench and into the game. An important goal of ours is to network not only with children that want to learn to play, but also with accomplished limb different athletes across the country. We understand the power of mentorship. My freshman football coach was one to me. He had a nub just like me! Our coaching team of over 25, limb-different, kick-butt athletes motivate and work the kids we serve like no one else can. We have established NubAbility Athletics All Sport Camp camps and clinics and host training clinics all across the country. See our Camp page!

I pitched my freshman year for Greenville College. I spent my sophomore year rehabbing from reconstructive foot surgery due to a sports injury. I am currently a pitcher and Team Captain for Morthland College Patriots. I am majoring in business and will also have a degree in ministry. I dream of expanding NubAbility Athletics internationally and coaching college baseball. Check back often and “like” NubAbility Athletics on Facebook, follow us on twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on our events, inspirations and news.

So, if you are a nub, upper or lower, or love and encourage one, then I hope you will find our site helpful, even if you aren’t all that into sports. My mama has a blog, which some parents might find some helpful insights. I am not finding time to blog at this point. Feel free to Facebook message us anytime about your story or email us at nubability@gmail.com.

We believe all kids should have the opportunity to learn life within the safety and rules of sport. Teamwork, leadership, hard work, victory, defeat, sportsmanship, trials and tests to the human spirit, achieving goals, etc. are all life lessons that are better learned through sport then later on as adults on the job. We “Play the Best With Less and Still Win!!” Our goal is for all kids with limb-differences to realize they are perfectly & purposefully created. We ARE the anti-bully campaign. We take the target off of our athletes’ backs by replacing it with self-confidence and a positive self-image.

What’s NubAbility mean anyway? Nub: small projection. What many call their limb-different limb’s. Ability: being able to. NubAbility: The ability to do more with less. to be able to do physically whatever you put your mind to even if you have to attempt it a thousand times. There is NO LIMIT to the ability of a NUB! PHP 4:13

Thanks to the Play Foundation, they are offering scholarship opportunities to our campers who have trouble financing the fees and travel. Visit them here.

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