The ability to do physically whatever you put your mind to, even if you have to attempt it a thousand times, you discover that there is no limit to the ability of a NUB! NUBZ ROCK!!!!!

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NubAbility Athletics Foundation is UNBREAKABLE in 2016!

“I will not let your perception of my limits, limit my determination to crush your pity and replace it with your respect for my ability to compete.”                                             ~Sam Kuhnert, Head Coach & Founder of NubAbility

In honor of our coaches competing in the 2016 Paralympics this year, we are flying the RED, WHITE and BLUE as our Camp Colors. Our theme chosen, UNBREAKABLE epitomizes our coaches very life stories in their rise to the pinnacle of sport and life. We hope you find what you need on this site.

We are building a new, highly interactive site thanks to a grant provided by our local DuQuoin, IL Walmart Associates. It will be launched in the summer of 2016!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
-PHP 4:13



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“I Got 99 Problems, But the Nub Ain’t One!”

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Welcome to NubAbility Athletics Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to coaching kids with limb loss get off the bench and into the game of MAINSTREAMED organized sports. Our team of high school, collegiate and professional athletes as coaches, who have played the BEST WITH LESS and WON, instill courage and confidence through sport and in life as they prepare NubAbility kids to compete and conquer the sports they love. Our coaches mentor NubAbility Camp Athletes long after our events are over. We also provide custom sport instructional events or sessions, public speaking and anti-bullying programming.


Our HQ is in beautiful Southern Illinois in the small town of Du Quoin. Our story began in 2011 when our Founder & Head Coach Sam Kuhnert, who was born without an extra hand, was just 18. Sam was a 3 sport varsity athlete in high school and pitched in college. He is currently a collegiate pitching and conditioning coach. Sam discovered the power of mentorship when his own football coach in high school had the same limb-difference. He was challenged like never before to rise to the level of his gifts as an athlete by someone who “got” him. NubAbility was born out of a desire to provide that same motivation, instruction and mentorship he experienced with Coach Boyett. Who better to teach your child with one leg that wants to be a cheerleader than a cheer leader with one leg? Who better to show a child with no arms how to strength train and run with agility than a coach with no arms? Who better to teach a kid with one hand how to strike someone out and then defend a hot grounder than a coach with one hand? Who better to school a collegiate football hopeful on a running blade than a D1 player on a running blade? Get it? Athletes #dontneed2 they just need training!

In 2012, Sam Kuhnert along with his team of 7 other limb-different coaches established the first All Sport Summer Camp for Limb-Different Kids at Greenville College. They had 19 limb-different youth that year participating. Speed ahead to 2015, The Annual All Sport Summer Camp now held in DuQuoin each year, served 136 limb-different youth athletes ages 4-17 with over 40 accomplished athletes as coaches covering 15 school sanctioned sports and strength training. 2016 promises to bring even MORE!

NubAbility Athletics holds smaller 1-2 day events across the nation. They have partnered with the St. Louis Cardinals and Saint Louis Billikens and the Minnesota Twins to bring premium baseball and softball instruction to limb-different youth. An annual Winter Camp is held in Ft.Myers, FL, hosted by the Minnesota Twins and Daily Grind CrossFit.

NubAbility is paving the way for successful anti-bullying programming with 2 self-authored programs:

1. BULLY PROOF P.E. IMMERSION PROGRAM is a NubAbility Coach Physical Education Class immersion program. A NubAbility Coach is invited into the school’s PE classes and immerse themselves in the physical activity of the day alongside the students. They take the last few minutes of class once they have their attention by using their athleticism, and deliver a powerful motivational message that focuses on owning your differences, no matter how visible, and empowering all students to appreciate and respect each others differences by realizing that all are perfectly purposed.

2. 2 of our Grappling/Jiujitsu coaches have created an adaptive version for limb-different kids of Bully Proof, a self-defense program. NubAbility kids learn how to verbally and physically gain confidence and skills that will allow them to handle difficult situations that many too often face.

We take the bully target off of kids backs! For more information on these 2 programs email [email protected]

We have partnered with a few quality programs that are like minded in serving unselfishly  limb-different  youth athletes. We will be sending a small team of coaches to Hands to Love Camp in Gainesville Florida the 2nd weekend of April. We get kids in the game that need prosthetic blades with Never Say Never Foundation and Amputee Blade Runners. Check out our partners page to see who else we team up with in order to serve the WHOLE athlete!


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The NubAbility coaching staff is made up of volunteer athletes willing to share their experiences, skills, stories and faith with the next generation of athletes. Among them are collegiate Maxwell Award winning football star Eddie Delaney, ESPY Award-winning gymnast Linnea Dohring, former WWE superstar Zach Gowen, collegiate soccer player and coach Breanna McMahon, Florida Gator hooper, Zach Hodskins, Iowa Bobcat, Koni Dole, globally acclaimed tumbler and aerialist, Jen Bricker, 2013 Miss Iowa Nicole Kelly and over 40 others who have excelled against top-level competition in their fields.

We invite you to explore our site further to learn more about who we are, what we do and why we do it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

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Hear NubAbility Founder and Head Coach Sam Kuhnert’s story of God in sport and what led him to launch NubAbility:

Encouraging Courage: