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The NubAbility Junior Coach Certification Program offers advanced limb-different/amputee athletes the opportunity to coach youth limb-different/amputee athletes and their siblings in mainstream organized sports. For over a decade, NubAbility Athletics Foundation has been the world leader in training limb-different youth to compete in mainstream organized sports. The title of junior coach is not one to be taken lightly. In order to receive this title one has demonstrated not only great knowledge of sports but the ability to lead both their peers and younger campers. Through this program athletes will gain hands-on experience in both the creation and implementation of training plans. Athletes will learn first hand how a NubAbility coach prepares for each day of camp. At the end of the program the head coach of the junior coach’s sport will submit an evaluation of the junior coach and the junior coach will submit an evaluation of their training experience to the executive director with the goal of improving the NubAbility coaching position.

– Athlete must be at least 16 years old and going into their junior year of high school to apply for this program unless otherwise approved by the program or camp director.
– Athlete must be actively competing in the sport that they are applying to coach and on track to compete in varsity sports at their high school
– Athlete must be advanced in skill and knowledge for their age.
– Athlete must have attended a minimum of two NubAbility All Sports camps.
– Athlete must be willing to share their knowledge of the sports they played with youth athletes.
– A parent or guardian must accompany the junior coach to camp.
– Athlete is responsible for paying for both their travel and their lodging.
– Athlete needs to understand that this is a preliminary position and doesn’t guarantee a spot on the NubAbility coaching staff following its completion.
– Athlete must attend all Elite training sessions and participate as if they are a camper.
– Athlete must fill out and sign all forms and releases required by NubAbility.

– Pay for your travel to NubAbility.
– Pay for your lodging at camp unless otherwise agreed upon with the program director or camp director.
– Assist the head coaches in implementing the program.
– Follow all instruction from head and senior coaches.
– Show up on time for all scheduled activities at camp and any virtual planning meetings prior to camp.
– Deliver all materials requested by NubAbility on time.
– Provide head coaches with any feedback that can help NubAbility.
– Report any issues within your group to the head coach or executive head coaches.
– Share all knowledge and instruction that you’ve learned throughout your athletic career.
– Provide NubAbility families with contact information and social media accounts so that you can continue to mentor the campers outside of camp.
– Do not do anything to harm the integrity of NubAbility while at camp or outside of camp.
– Represent NubAbility proudly both at camp and outside of camp.
– Do not quit your mainstream sport.


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